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    The pages of this web site were created to foster the dissemination of scientific knowledge and communication of researchers, in particular in the area of the history of computing in science and engineering, as well as supporting researchers and collectors of mathematical instruments and computing devices. There is no commercial aim of any kind.

    The pages we created for this purpose by


Privacy protection

    The best way to protect private data is not to collect and store any private data. Therefore we do not collect any data from users consulting our web pages. The usage is completely anonymous. We do not use cookies nor any other method of user tracking or activity monitoring. All our web pages consist of completely static data only and do not use any kind of scripting, neither on server nor client side, i.e. there is no use of JavaScript or any similar software.

    The internet service provider for our web pages (Strato AG) may log network connections and page access for safeguarding operations and for compiling statistics on resource usage and for planning purposes. That's completely its business, and we do not have any influence on it. We only get statistical data.

    If you use the email address provided on these pages to contact us, we can use eo ipso your name and email address as well as other contact information provided by you, for replies and for the establishment of further personal technical / scientific communication in some suitable form, like email, postal letter, phone call. There will be no automatic processing of your data.


No warranties

    Our web pages are intended for the scolarly presentation and communcation to continue our research after the formal retirement from the university. We are bound by the academic standards and traditions as well as the law, but the world of the internet seems to require an extra declaration. So, to make the lawyers happy, we declare:

    Although we spent significant effort for adequate quality, we cannot offer any warranty regarding correctness, actuality, completeness, usability, safety or any other quality of the provided information or evaluations. Any use is completely on your own risk, no warranties of any kind, neither stated nor implied.

    The very nature of science and engineering development implies that newer research or constructions will augment, change or invalidate previous results and knowledge. As a consequence, any web pages offered here can be changed, replaced, and also deleted, at any time, as well as any web page elsewhere to which we placed a link.

    Any reasonable web site will will contain a number / a lot of web references (links) to pages of other information providers. These can change at an alarming speed, so that is effectively impossible to keep track of any of these changes. What's fine today can be very different tomorrow, can suddenly be located at another URL, or can furthermore just become unavailable, all of that at any time. We try to keep our links correct and healthy as far as reasonably possible, but we do need your feedback to notice changes as well as other hints for improvements so that we can take proper actions. This holds especially for linked pages, where you spot illegal or other offensive content. We will remove links to such pages as soon as we get knowledge about them. In some cases we may link to a web page with controversial content, but only for support of discussions. Due to this situation we declare that we do not endorse any of the statements on any of the pages linked from ours.


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